Every Kobeeyla or Kobeelya Penrhos former student or staff member is welcome to join the Old Kobeelyans’ Association as a financial or non-financial member.

Former students and staff are also encouraged to keep the Old Kobeelyans’ Association up to date about their news, achievements, or changes to their contact details.  This will ensure the Old Kobeelyans’ Association can keep you informed of the latest news, send you the Kobeelyan newsletter, and of course, invite you to special events.

If you wish to receive the newsletter which is published twice a year, please contact the Old Kobeelyans’ Association Secretary or update your details via the Membership tab. Updating your details enables you to receive invitations to events and activities via email.

For more information, please contact

The President
Jill Clarke
0427 854 249
Email okapresident@kobeelya.com

The Secretary
Bev Wilson
0400 941 070
Email okasecretary@kobeelya.com   

The Treasurer
Gwenyth Ryan (Owen)
0437 208 830
Email okatreasurer@kobeelya.com

Postal Address
PO Box 38