Keeping Kobeelya & Kobeelya Penhros school history and friendships alive.

Kobeelya was the private girls’ school that operated from 1922 until 1986 in the former home and grounds built by of the Hon FH Piesse MLA, of Katanning.

The Old Kobeelyans’ Association is the incorporated body of the former students and staff of Kobeelya Church of England Girls School and later Kobeelya Penrhos, Katanning, Western Australia. The Old Kobeelyans’ Association is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission.

The Association was founded on 10th December 1929, seven years after the School was founded.  

The Old Kobeelyans’ Association Inc. maintains a network of former students and staff and encourages links with the present Penrhos College community. The Association hosts various events throughout the year for members to maintain contact and rekindle friendships. 

Goals and Objectives of Old Kobeelyans’ Association

  • To preserve and maintain an extensive collection of archival material and memorabilia from the school days displayed in the former Coachhouse at Kobeelya Katanning.
  • To raise funds to maintain St.Michael and All Angels Chapel and the former Coachhouse building at Kobeelya.
  • To raise funds for the advancement of education at Penrhos College and two government primary schools in Katanning.
  • To raise funds to support the Egypt Equine Aid based in Egypt.
  • To sustain the alliance with the Katannning Baptist Church community which owns the buildings.
  • To nurture and support a relationship with the Penrhos College community.

Old Kobeelyans’ Association Committee

The work and direction of the Old Kobeelyans’ Association is guided by the Committee, and anyone who is a financial member of the Old Kobeelyans’ Association is eligible to nominate for committee membership. The Annual General Meeting is held in September or October of every year.

Being a member of the Committee allows you to guide decision-making, help plan events, and volunteer your time at various Old Kobeelyans’ Association events. It’s a great way to stay involved, have fun, and keep in touch with former students and staff from all class groups.

The Old Kobeelyans’ Association Committee meets four times a year in Perth or at Kobeelya Museum Katanning.


You may view and download a copy of the Constitution here.